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Now lam going to tell you, Mr. Ironmaster, how things are,� he said. This whole world is nothing but a big rattrap. All the good things that are offered to you are nothing but cheese rinds and bits of pork,
set out to drag a poor fellow into trouble. And if the sheriff comes now and locks me up for this, then you, Mr lronmaster, must remember that a day may come when you yourself may want to get a big piece of pork.
and then you will get caught in the trap.� The iron master began to laugh. �That was not so badly said, my good fellow. Perhaps we should let the sheriff alone on Christmas Eve, But now get out of here as fast as you can.�
1. What are the good things that the world offers as a big rnttrap? 2. Why does the world offer these good things? 3. What could happen to the ironmaster one day? 4. What did the ironmaster ask the man to do? 5. Find the word from the passage which means �pull'. 6. Find the word from the passage which is opposite to 'comfort'.
1. As a big rattrap, the world offers cheese rinds and bits of pork. 2. The world offers these things to drag a poor fellow into trouble. 3. One day, the ironmaster would also be tempted to get a big piece of pork (i.e. the riches) and fall into the rattrap. 4. The ironmaster asked the man to get out of there as fast as he could. 5. drag. 6. trouble.
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