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Classify bacteria on the basis of mode of nutrition.



On the basis of mode of nutrition bacteria are of two types:
I. Autotrophic bacteria
II. Heterotrophic bacteria.
I. Autotrophic bacteria: They produce their own food.
They are of following types:


  1. Photosynthetic bacteria: They contain different types of pigments which produce food by the utilisation of light energy e.g., Chlorobium.
  2. Chemosynthetic bacteria: They produce food through various chemical reactions e.g., Bagiatoa.


II. Heterotrophic bacteria: They are of following types:


  1. Parasitic bacteria: They obtain their food from other organisms and are called parasites, e.g., Mycobacterium.
  2. Saprophytic bacteria: They obtain their food from dead and decayed organic substances, e.g., Bacillus mycoidies.
  3. Symbiotic bacteria: They form symbiotic association with higher plants, e.g., Rhizobium.
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