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Awoman has certain queries as listed below, before starting with contraceptive pills. Answer them.
(i) What do contraceptive pills contain and how do they act as contraceptives.
(ii) What schedule should be followed for taking these pills?

(i) Oral contraceptive pills contain either progesterone or progesterone - oestrogen combinations.

  • Inhibiting ovulation.
  • Altering the quality of cervical mucus to prevent the motility of sperms in female genital tract.

(ii) The oral contraceptive pills are to be taken daily for 21 days, preferably within the first five days of menstrual cycle. After the onset of menstruation cycle i.e., 5 - 7 days, this process is to be repeated in the same pattern (again for 21 days). This schedule is to be followed till the women wants to avoid conception.

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