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What is recombinant DNA technique? Explain the role of any three enzyme used in this technique.



The process of inserting new genes or information into existing DNA - RNA through host in order to modify a specific, novel organism with desired character, technique called recombinant DNA technique and newly formed DNA having new genes on it, called recombinant DNA.
The key tools used in recombinant DNA technology are -

  1. EnzymesRestriction Enzymes: Hind II, EcoRI, EcoRI I, Smal, EcoR V are most commonly used restriction enzymes. That cut the DNA at specific sit.
    Ligase: Responsible for the joining of cut ends.
    Protease: Degrade the proteins present along with DNA eg. Histone.
  2. Cloning Vectors: Plasmids and bacteriophages are used as cloning vector because they have ability to replicate.
  3. Competent Host: Competent host cells are able to take up foreign DNA it.
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