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Find and narrate other stories about conquest of fear and what people have said about courage. For example, you can recall Nelson Mandela's struggle for freedom, his perseverance to achieve his mission,
to liberate the oppressed from the oppressor as depicted in his autobiography. The story 'We're Not Afraid To Die', which you have read in Class XI, is an apt example of how courage and optimism helped a
family survive under the direst stress.
Courage and optimism are the key words in life. It is always optimism that sustains life. This is an incident that occured when I was in class X. My right hand was fractured and my exams were at hand. I didn't know what to do and how to take the final exam. Everybody encouraged me to practise writing with left hand. I took it to be a good idea. I practised with my left hand. Everybody helped me. After a few days I was able to write with my left hand. I took the exam and got first division. My optimism, perseverance and hard work made my problem disappear. This incident is a good example that those with strong will never bow down to difficulties, and the problems only make them stronger.
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