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The medium you like best for an interview, print, radio, or television.
Anu - All the three mediums- print, radio and television are used for interviews because all the three mediums are effective. Priya - Yes, of course, but each medium has its limitations also. So I think in present scenario, television is the best medium for an interview. Anu - You are right. Since television is both audio and visual, so in comparison to radio and print media, TV is the most suitable medium. Priya - Many times celebrities are found complaining that the reporters of print media try to intrude their privacy by asking them very personal questions. Anu - Now-a-days very few people listen to radio. And on screen it is interesting to see the interviewee and the interviewer. Priya - Using various colours and sounds, pictures are made interesting on TV. To a large extent we can learn language, body language and style of well educated people.
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