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Write the consequences of over population.

Over population has resulted in serious problems like depletion in natural resources, various socio - economic problems, food and energy crisis and ecodegradation. Over population also leads to individual family problems as well. These all types of problems are discussed below:

(A) Socio - economic Problems: Over population, creates many socio - economic problems, these are as follows:

  1. Food Supply: Over population has resulted in large families. These large families with limited means are unable to provide balanced diet to their children. As a result, the latter suffer from malnutrition and grow into less fit members of the society.
  2. Pressure on Land: Increasing population increases demand for more food, industries, more clothing and more housing. All these activities require more land which comes through deforestation. This results in ecodegradation and desertification of land.
  3. Unemployment: Unemployment increases with the increase in human population for lack of poor educational facilities and job opportunities. Over population has resulted in lowering of education standards, imability of afford higher education to all the children. This leads to crimes and lawlessness among the unemployed youths.
  4. Standard of Living: Over population leads to shortage of essential things, thereby resulting in shortage and price rise. Large families with single earner after remain poor since they can neither maintain decent standard of living nor provide well education and medical facilities to the children.
  5. Slum Area: Increasing population results in the expanding of slum area in big cities.
  6. Infrastructure: All the resources of the country are consumed in meeting the extra requirements of increasing human population. These including drinking water, housing, transport, educational institution, hospitals and essential things. As a consequence, very little is left for the development of infrastructure.

(B) Energy Crisis: Increasing population has created greater demand of energy - fossil fuel (petroleum, natural gas and coal), firewood and electricity. Rapid industrialisation and urbanisation have added to the problem. Alternative sources of energy like solar energy, muscle power, nuclear energy, wind energy etc., may solve this problem.

(C) Ecodegradation: Over population causes ecodegrad ation in more than one way:
1. Pollution: Rise in population has caused environmental pollution - water, air and land. This is seriously affecting the human health.
2. Sanitation: It is not possible to maintain sanitation in congested areas as is evident from urban slums.
3. Deforerntion: Because at large - scale deforstation soil erosion has increased, and floods and droughts cause erosion of fertile lands.
4. Natural Resources: There is excessive pressure on natural resources in order to meet the demands of the increasing population. Thus over population may cause mental tension, rise in heart diseases, ill health and misery.

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