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The peddler comes out as a person with a subtle sense of humour. How does this serve in lightening the seriousness of the theme of the story and also endear him to us ?
The peddler in the very beginning raises a very pertinent question, a question that has been perplexing a number of thinkers for centuries. But he raises this question in a very light way. The Geeta, the greatest book on philosophy of life and the world offers a way out of human predicament by propagating the theory of non-attachment. The peddler returns the thirty kronor of the old man and leaves a gift for Edla and her father. It is an act of 'non-attachment'. The moment he gets rid of attachment, he feels free. This is the magic of his sense of 'non-attachment'. His treatment of such a serious theme is so light that we begin to love him.
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