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Write a short note on population explosion.

Population Explosion:
The increased health facilities along with improved quality of human life in the last over hundred years, had an explosive impact on the growth of human population. Consequently, human population started increasing of a striking rate. At present human population is increasing at a rate over two persons every second or about 2,00,000 persons every day or 8 million persons every month or over 70 million persons every year. This high rate of human population growth is termed as population explosion. The world population was about 2 billion (2,000 million) in 1900 AD, increased to about 6 billion (6,000 million) by 2001 and 7 billion (7,000 million) on 2011.


A similar trend was observed in India too. In 1901 the population of India Was 238 million, which increased to 350 million at the time of our independence in 1947, crossed 1,000 million in 2000 and now in 2011 it stands at above 1.2 billion (1200 million). It means every 6th person in the world isan Indian. India’s population grew five times in last 100 years. Projections are that India will have 1,613.8 million persons by 2050. While during the last century. World population raise by slightly more than three times. Today India has 18% of the world population with only 2.4% of the land area.

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