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Write distinct characteristics of fungi.



The distinct characteristics of fungi are as follows:

  1. They are predominantly multicellular (except Yeasts), non-chlorophyllous eukaryotic organisms.
  2. Due to absence of chlorophyll the modes of nutrition in fungi are heterotrophic and absorptive. The mode of nutrition may be saprophytic or parasitic.
  3. Cellwall composed of chitin is found in fungi. In some forms of fungi cellwall also contains fungal cellulose.
  4. Fungi has double envelope cellular organization.
  5. Fungi reproduce asexually as well as sexually. Sexual reproduction involvesplasmogamy (fusion of cytoplasm)
    karyogamy (fusion of gametic nuclei) and
  6. Fungi are mainly the decomposers and mineralisers of the biosphere. They play an important role in nutrients recycling.
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