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What do you understand by animal husbandry? Explain two main role of animal husbandry in human welfare.



The science of rearing, feeding, caring, breeding and disease control of animals is called animal husbandry.
Animal husbandry is a vital skill for farmers and it is a much science as is art. This animal based farming includes cattle, buffalo, goat, sheep, camel, pig etc., that are useful to humans. Extended it includes poultry farming and fisheries. Fisheries include rearing, cata- ching, selling etc., of fish, molluscs (shell fish) and crustaceans (pawwns, crabs etc.). Since time immemorial, animals like bees, silk worms, prawns, crabs, fishes, birds, pigs, cattle, sheep and camel have been used by humans for products like milk, eggs, meat, wool, silk, honey etc.

According to one estimate more than 70% of the world livestock population is in India and China. But the total contribution of these two countries to the world farm produce is only 25% because of very low productivity. Therefore, newer technologies have to be applied to achieve quality and quantity in addition to conventional practices of animal breeding and care.

Role of Animal Husbandry in Human Welfare:
Animal husbandry is a source of livlihood for a great part of population. It is concerned with providing milk, meat, eggs, honey, hide and fibres.

  1. Milk: Cattle, buffaloes and goats provide us milk. Milk is the best source of animal protein for vegetarians. Milk is also known as ‘complete food’. There are many products produced from milk such as curd, paneer, cheese, ghee, butter and yoghurt. Sheep, camel and yak are also other milk producing animals.
  2. Meat: It is a protein rich food for non - vegetarians. Meat is obtained from Ducks, Fowl, Sheep, Pigp and Fishes. Consumption of meat is low in India due to its high cost and a large vegetarian population.
  3. Eggs: Like milk, egg is also a complete food. Fowl and ducks are two major sources of eggs.
  4. Honey and Wax: These are obtained from the hives of honeybees.
  5. Fibres: Wool is mainly prepared from the hair of sheep but the hair of certain other mammals like goats, alpacas, rabbit and camel also provide wool.
  6. Hides: The skin of many animals is used as hide and leather.
  7. Manure: Dropping and urine of farm animals are used to enrich soil fertility.
  8. Draught and Working Animals: Horses, camels, bullocks, buffaloes, ass, mules and elephants are used for transport, agriculture and other jobs.
  9. Bone - meals: Crushed bones of cattle are used to prepare bone - meal for poultry and fertilizer.
  10. Other Products: Prawn meal, glue, gelatin, pearl etc., are also useful animal products.
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