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What are the instances in the story that show that the character of the ironmaster is different from that of his daughter in many ways ?
Compare and contrast the character of the ironmaster with that of his daughter.
Give examples from the story 'The Rattrap' to show how the ironmaster is different from his daughter 'Rattrap'
Ironmaster's daughter is more persuasive than him � We are introduced with the ironmaster and his daughter when they try to take the peddler with them to their house. The former fails to persuade him while his daughter succeeds in persuading him. Daughter is more kind and generous - Edla is kind and generous to the poor. She wants to give the peddler happiness and peace of mind. Her father threatens the peddler as soon as he comes to know that he is not the captain. Daughter is greater observer. The daughter is a greater observer than her father. Seeing the peddler, she observes that he is afraid. Either he has stolen something or has escaped from jail. Her father does not pay attention to all these things. In this way the difference in their characters is quite clear.
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