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12 Merits & Demerits of Online Education with Examples |

Online classes –

What is meant by online? –

Friends, the word online means if any work is done with the help of the internet then it is called an online job. You need an electronic device like a laptop computer or mobile phone to do any online work. If a person has a single electronic device and internet connection, then he can do all the online tasks like online shopping, online business, online learning, online learning, online result, etc. Similarly, online classes are also provided. You must have understood the meaning of the word “online” by now. Let’s take a look at what an online class means.

What is meant by online classes –

Classmates, an online classroom is a classroom where teachers are away and they use the internet to teach children. This technology allows a single teacher to teach online to students around the world. Online classes are a great teaching method, but they are not possible without electronic devices and the Internet. In recent years, online classes have become popular because of the many benefits they offer. We can take online classes with this service from professors from major universities and colleges from anywhere in the world. The most important thing about this class is that children can listen to the teacher and ask questions. The benefits of online classes are clear: they are convenient, flexible, and efficient.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes –

Over the past two decades, the Internet has grown from being almost non-existent to the largest and most accessible information database ever. The Internet has had a huge impact on how people communicate, socialize, do business and think about knowledge and learning. Online learning is changing the way we deliver, with traditional classes becoming more accessible than ever. This article will discuss the benefits of online classes for kids.

The latest and most popular form of distance education today is online education. Within the past decade, education has had a significant impact, a trend only increasing. Online education is a type of education that takes place online. E-learning is a method of learning which is done using electronic media. There are many benefits of taking online classes for kids. In today’s lockdown scenario, where everyone is facing a dire situation due to COVID-19, online classes for children have become a necessity.

Benefits of online classes for children –

Online, these distance learners join virtual classes, chat with their peers, ask questions from teachers, take virtual tests, and engage themselves in immersive activities. Here are 12 reasons why online learning is a great option for kids.

1. Learning from the comfort of home –

Online learning is easy and convenient to use. Your child can attend online classes from lunch or playtime. There’s no need to prepare for class – just change clothes, pack breakfast, or drive to the education center. Its speed saves a lot of time. Which can be used for other productive activities. Nowadays, it is safer to learn at home than to travel to an institution with the fear of a coronavirus pandemic.

2. Online learning is self-paced –

The traditional schooling/learning system forces children to learn and complete homework just like their classmates. With online classes, kids can learn at their own pace, which is a great way to give them the flexibility they need to excel. Online courses have a mix of self-paced assignments, scheduled lessons, and deadlines.

The individualized learning approach helps children enjoy a more personalized approach to learning that is tailored to their needs, while also adhering to the requirements of the curriculum.

3. Online Platforms Provide Self-Selected Education –

When children are allowed to choose the subjects they are interested in, they take control of their learning experience. They can take their time and explore at their own pace. In a well-designed experience, the user can choose which tools they are most comfortable using, helping them learn and develop their skills more effectively. Children are more engaged Because they have the opportunity to make their own decisions.

4. Online education uses different learning styles –

Online learning is effective for different types of learners, accommodating different styles and using a variety of methods that work best for them. They can learn linearly, learn visually or verbally, or learn by doing, with each student having a different learning style.

5. Online tools provide real-time assessment –

Regular assessment is important for students to be constantly challenged and to keep up the pace. The tools used by online learning systems allow instructors to continuously monitor students’ progress. They keep me informed about the progress of my project and provide constructive feedback.

6. There are no geographical barriers to online learning –

Online learning helps break down geographical barriers, and it also provides a platform for learners to connect with others from across the world. Online learning platforms provide platforms where students can ask questions and get help from each other without needing a teacher.

7. Children learn faster because it is convenient –

Since children are learning best at home, they can spend more time learning in their environment rather than traveling or spending time in other activities unrelated to learning. This method helps the students to learn faster than the traditional methods.

8. Ideal for Introvert Kids –

Introverted children often try to avoid group discussions that take place in regular classrooms. But here in online classrooms, things are different. Virtual classes allow students to participate in discussions with their teachers, even when they are not in the same room.

This system allows children to communicate their doubts and queries to others via email. The ease of use of the platform allows children to ask questions they would not be able to ask in a traditional classroom setting.

9. Online Platforms Offer Personalized Schedules –

It helps children find and pursue their passion. Many children engage in activities of their choice. Virtual classes provide flexibility in class times, which can be beneficial for those with busy schedules. Online classes are flexible with assignment submission and the daily schedule can be adjusted or tailored as needed.

The program allows children to continue their education while participating in other activities. One can play tennis and still come back for online lessons.

10. Children are less distracted while learning –

In traditional classrooms, students focus less on learning and are more influenced by their peers. The result is that teachers are less likely to address students’ behavioral issues, which leads to reduced learning capacity. Bullying in a traditional classroom setting can hurt a child’s learning speed. While distractions can be avoided, simply attend virtual classes to focus on your studies.

11. Children learn new technical skills –

In the modern world, computer skills are essential for success. In our present era, it is necessary to have good computer skills to be successful in life.

During online classes, children have to navigate through course lectures, download online materials, and interact online to complete their assignments. These tools can help the child learn new technical skills that will be useful in later stages of life. Learning to code is a great way to teach children many important skills.

12. Parents can get guidance from –

When children are in online classes with their parents or guardians, it helps them to learn more quickly. Parents can learn about their children’s strengths and weaknesses at an early stage of their development. It can help shape the future career of children by providing them guidance and support at key points in their development. In online classes, parents can participate in their children’s education in a supportive manner.

Disadvantages of online classes –

Every coin has 2 sides. Like traditional classes, online classes also have some advantages and some disadvantages. We should not ignore the loss. As you know, your child’s future is important to us. The disadvantages of this job are as follows.

1. Mobile Addiction –

Online classes usually last about three to four hours. Homework should be done while watching from a mobile. The child spends six to seven hours a day in a variety of activities using his hands and wrists. The child is getting addicted to the mobile phone. He may not be using his cell phone properly. Leaving a child alone can be very harmful.

2. Another activity while studying –

Many children engage in personal interactions with their friends while attending online classes. No need to worry about what the teacher is teaching. Parents think that children are reading from their mobile devices. Some kids are also using Google along with personal chat. I was reading a story. I saw a youtube video. The child is developing bad habits.

3. Wrong effect on health –

Regular use of mobile devices for 6 to 8 hours per day is very harmful to young children. The ultraviolet rays emanating from the object hurt the child’s brain and body. There is a high chance of damage to the eyes. There may be many diseases in the future.

4. Chronicity in the behavior of children –

The child has been locked inside the house for a few months and a sense of decency has started coming into his behavior. There has been a change in the behavior of the child. Mobile, TV, and education have remained confined in the middle of it. In online classes, students do not get the opportunity to meet or interact with other students.

In such a situation, children cannot share their hearts with anyone. Many parents do not have enough time to spend some time with their children. The situation at home has gone from bad to worse since the birth of the child. So I have shared with you the good and bad aspects of online classes. Taking online classes can be a good way to study in lockdown. Whenever you are struggling, always remember the stories of successful people. They can provide you with inspiration and guidance.


By Chanchal Sailani | July 16, 2022, | Editor at Gurugrah_Blogs.



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