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13 When was the oldest country, India discovered? and business | Gurugrah

Discovery of India  | Gurugrah

Discovery of India –

When was India discovered? –

Vasco da Gama discovered the sea routes to come to India, it is said that India was discovered by Vasco da Gama. Vasco da Gama came to India for the first time on 20 May 1498.

How was India discovered? –

The Discovery of India was composed by Jawaharlal Nehru in Ahmednagar jail between April–September 1944. This book was written by Nehru in English and later it has been translated into Hindi and many other languages. The Discovery of India book has the status of a classic. Nehru wrote it during his five-month imprisonment in the Ahmednagar fort in 1944 during the freedom movement. It was published in book form in 1946.

In this book, Nehru ji has described India’s multifaceted rich culture, religion and complex past, which developed from the Indus Valley Civilization till India’s independence, in a unique language style from a scientific point of view.

Who discovered India?-

There was a man named Vasco da Gama who discovered India. Furthermore, Vasco da Gama set sail on 7 July 1497 with the aim of discovering the sea route to India and reached Kozhikode, Calicut in the state of Kerala on 20 May 1498 with his 4 sailors, two years after the voyage. Only 54 of his original crew of 170 men returned with him. After staying for three months in Calicut, Vasco da Gama returned to Portugal.

Vasco da Gama was a Portuguese sailor. He was the first foreigner who came to know about the geographical location of India. Then in the year 1499, this news of the discovery of India spread all over Europe.

Major names of India –

Since ancient times, the land of India has had different names like Jambudweep, Bharatkhand, Himvarsha, Ajnabhavarsha, Bharatvarsha, Aryavarta, Hind, Hindustan and India.

How did India get its name?-

The petitioner demanded that India comes from the Greek word Indica and this name should be removed. The petitioner had appealed to the court to direct the Central Government to change the name of the country in Article-1 of the Constitution only to India.

A three-member bench headed by Supreme Court Chief Justice SA Bobde refused to interfere in the matter while dismissing the petition. The court said that India is already mentioned in the constitution. Written in the constitution.

How was the search for India? –

As far as the question of India is concerned, on the one hand, there is such an opening in India which was impossible to overcome at that time. On the other side of India, India was surrounded by sea from three sides. In such a situation, there are only three ways for Europeans to reach India.

There is a debate on changing the name of the country, the demand is being raised to change the name of the country to only India. A petition in this regard was also filed in the Supreme Court, which the court heard on Wednesday.

1. First crossing Russia and coming to India by reaching Burma via China, which was much longer and risky than expected.

2. The second way was to cross Arabia and Iran and reach India. But this route was used by Arab people and they did not allow anyone to use that route.

3. The third way was of the sea, in which only the sea was the challenger.

Trade of India –

Let us tell you that earlier spices were grown in large quantities in India. Apart from this, precious gems were also available in large quantities in India and these items were traded abroad. The goods of India were taken to the markets of Europe for trade and many countries of South East Asia such as Indonesia, Java, and Sumatra India’s goods were also taken to these islands, Borneo, and Malaysia.

If seen, India’s trade used to be with Europe and South East Asia in ancient times. Similarly, Arab traders used to buy goods from India and sell them in other places (Europe) at very expensive prices, due to which they used to get huge profits. Because of this, Arab control and control over the trade of the whole of Asia was exercised.

Top 13 oldest countries in the world –

1. France: 486 AD

2. San Marino: 301 E

3. Portugal: 900 years old

4. Greece: 4500 BC

5. Ethiopia: 5 million years

6. Japan: 15 million years old

7. China: 2100 BC

8. Armenia: 6500 BC

9. Iran: 620 BC

10. Egypt: 6000 BC

11. India: 2500 BC

12. Vietnam: 4000 years old

13. North Korea: 7th century BC

By Chanchal Sailani | December 20, 2022, | Editor at Gurugrah_Blogs.



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