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Discovery and invention of electricity, interesting facts | Gurugrah

Invention of electricity | Gurugrah

The invention of electricity –

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The object present in nature is the about which people are not aware and if that object is detected or discovered by a scientist, then it is called discovery.

Eg. the Discovery of electricity, the discovery of fire etc.

Invention –

In the same way, the invention is done of that thing which is not already present in nature and is made by a scientist.

Eg. the Invention of the mobile, the invention of the camera etc.

The invention of electricity –

Many big scientists have contributed to the discovery of electricity. Electricity was not discovered by any single scientist, whereas after its discovery, many scientists improved it generation after generation and invented new ways of making it.

Around 600 BC, Thales, a great scientist, discovered that by rubbing a piece of glass or amber with silk, a similar power comes into it, which attracts a lighter object like a piece of paper.

Amber is called electron in Greek, so after doing some of his research, Thales named his discovery as electricity.

After this, in search of electricity, many scientists started looking for ways to make electricity in different ways. He knew that electricity can be made in many other ways besides this method.

Then, in the 17th century, the electrostatic generator was invented and positive and negative currents were discovered.

In the year 1752, a scientist named Benjamin Franklin proved that both lightning and lightning sparks in the sky are the same form.

After that, in the year 1800, a physicist named Alessandro Volta found out from his research that it is possible to make electricity through chemical reactions and he invented an electric cell from which electricity could be obtained.

After this invention, in 1831, Michael Faraday did the most revolutionary work in the discovery of electricity. He told that if a magnet is rotated back and forth in a copper wire or coil, then electricity can be generated from it.

Following this principle of Michael Faraday, the current generating generator was invented and then in 1878, Thomas Alva Edison invented the filament bulb.

In this way, many scientists and materialists have contributed to the discovery of electricity and the methods of making it, and because of them today we are getting to use electricity so easily and our life has become so simple.

When was electricity invented in India?-

When did electricity arrive in India or where did electricity come first in India or who invented electricity in India?

The first electricity In India came in the city of Kolkata in 1879 and the first electricity manufacturing factory in India was also set up in Kolkata in 1899.

After that, in the year 1905, the production of electricity from diesel was started in Delhi and after that gradually electricity started being produced in other cities as well.

Some interesting facts related to electric current –

• Lightning falling from the sky is 100 million volts.

• While the electricity coming to our homes is only 220 Volt.

• Every year about 2500 to 3000 people die due to lightning in India.

• According to a survey, 80% of those who die due to lightning are men while only 20% are women.

Interesting facts about electricity –

• Do you know that the electricity falling from the sky is 100 million volts, while the current that comes into our homes is only 220 volts, even though it is capable of killing us, then we can understand that the electricity falling from the sky How dangerous it must have been.

• Sky electricity has 10,000 amp current, and the washing machine, TV, and fridge running in our homes only runs on 5 amps, you can understand how much electrical power will be

• Humans can live up to 44°C, water vaporizes at 100°C and lightning can reach 30,000°C, which is 5 times the temperature of the Sun’s surface.

• Do you know that every year 2500-3000 people die due to lightning in India?

• According to a survey, 80% of the people who die due to lightning falls are men and only 20% are women.

• Sky lightning has so much power that a 100-watt bulb can be lit for 3 months.

• Lightning has fallen on a person named Roy Cleveland Sullivan for the maximum number of times in the world, a total of 7 times, yet that man has survived seven of the seven times.

• It is not necessary that electricity only harms you, once a paralyzed man was walking in his wheelchair in his garden, lightning struck him and he fainted, the next day when he regained consciousness in the hospital, he came to know that his paralysis was fine. It is done, but its chances are slim to none, so don’t even think of trying.

• Do you know that silver is the best conductor of electricity?

• Most of the electricity in the world is generated with the help of water.

• China is the largest power-generating country in the world, and India is in third place.

• Gujarat is the largest producer of solar energy in India.

• Bengaluru is the first city in India to get electricity.

• Do you know that electricity was first used in India on 24 July 1879 in Kolkata?

• Did you know that lightning is most likely to strike in the afternoon?

• There is so much energy in celestial electricity that it can bake 1.5 lakh bread in just one go.

By Chanchal Sailani | December 20, 2022, | Editor at Gurugrah_Blogs.



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