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How to Manage Stress? Best techniques to Manage Stress

Stress Management –

Meaning of stress –

The character of the creature usually has a lot of fear and security. Tension is the difference between fear and dread, which occurs when we fail to find a balance between all kinds of fear in the world and protection from it. If this balance is not maintained then the tension will arise.

An insecure person is always looking for security, which can lead to stress. This is because our complex life, social, political, and administrative systems do not always provide a sense of balance. This is called stress.

Features of stress –

1. Stress is a sign that a person is feeling emotional or mental unrest.

2. Stress is a response to the external environment.

3. Stress is not always harmful.

4. The effect of stress falls on individuals as well as themselves.

5. Anxiety is different from this, which is a more deeply felt concern. Stress can be mental or physical. Physical stress can also arise over time.

Symptoms of stress –

Stress can cause physical symptoms, such as a higher-than-normal heart rate and digestive problems. Prolonged stress can also lead to fatal diseases like cancer. The key to success is being satisfied with your job and being firm in your interactions with your employer.

The main symptom of a stressed person is his behavior. When a person is under stress, he is unable to do his work in a normal and normal way and his productivity decreases. Under the influence of intoxication, the instinct moves closer to the surface. Sadness causes people’s voices to become so heavy that they are difficult to hear. They are never able to say what they want, they quickly lose patience, and are rarely seen at social and cultural events. In addition, Veeshsha remains restless.

What is the root cause of the stress, whatever the situation may be, it is the individual’s responsibility. These blockages make a person unhappy and dissatisfied. When resentment is at its peak, it can lead to anger and frustration. As the tension builds up, things get more complicated. And gradually increases with time. At that time three kinds of conflicts arise in the mind. The proposition and the second proposition are in opposition, and the third proposition is a motion to avoid conflict.

Types of stress -

Based on the effectiveness of stress, stress can be divided into three parts.

• The first type of stress is called minor stress. Minor stress is caused by small changes in one’s surrounding environment.

• The second type may be called tainted stress. This can cause physical and mental injury to the person. This type of stress can be due to failure in one’s career.

• The third and most dangerous type of stress is traumatic stress. This person has to face many challenges to be successful. And it remains difficult to maintain life expectancy with patience. The reason for this stress is the experience of an unpleasant event or being emotionally hurt. Stress can also lead to the death of a person.

Reasons for tension –

There are many reasons why someone may be under stress, and this may be due to factors such as their characteristics or their relationship with others.

In today’s time, stress is a big problem, mainly because of our way of living life. The culture of flamboyance, the culture of ostentation, and the growing urbanization is driving us to forget our traditional way of life, Vasudev Kutumbakam.

As technology is evolving, it has made our work easier, but at the same time, it has created more stress. At the same time, an environment of competition has also been created in which the person is not able to breathe peacefully.

The decline of joint families is a major factor in the growth of single-parent families. The role of the family in the development of the values ​​of the individual is decreasing. People are not seeing it as very important to help with health-related problems.

The most common cause of stress is due to economic factors. The dwindling economic resources are not able to meet the needs of the individual daily. Today people want to live a happy and prosperous life like others, but it often comes at the cost of their financial security.

The decline in social programs and widespread discrimination are helping to keep pace with the changing global scenario. As a result, many stress-related problems are coming to the surface.

If stress is caused by changes in an organization, the main factors are the policies implemented by the organization, the emphasis on formalizing the structure, and an environment that is not clean or conducive. Employees affected by this are under stress. The stress of the employee hurts his own family as well.

Stress management tips –

There is no right or wrong way to deal with stress and it can be helpful in some situations. Everyone wants to be stress-free. It is not natural to be completely free from stress. In such a situation no one can be inactive. There are some situations in which avoiding stress can be quite beneficial for a person. There are some helpful techniques or methods that are easy to understand. How to reduce stress It can be scaled down to a smaller size.

There are many ways to reduce stress by better managing your time. Regular exercise and yoga help in improving thinking skills. At the same time, a person reaches a higher level of understanding and control over his stress, which allows him to overcome it.

Practicing self-reflection and meditation can help you understand yourself and others better. Prioritize your tasks and follow through. Prioritize your tasks and follow through. Think about your needs and how to meet them, taking into account your social concerns.

Practice self-awareness and identify the main sources of stress in your life. Again, avoid activities and people that cause you stress. Involve yourself more in socio-cultural and historical events, and be more open to ideas and problems with your friends.

It is also the easiest way to relieve stress. To change your thinking avoid seeing yourself as God, i.e. identify yourself, find your weaknesses and try to overcome them.

A proper environment can help in reducing stress at the organizational level. Encouraging employee enthusiasm by enhancing informal communication and participatory decision-making can be a complementary way to increase productivity. To develop team spirit at key levels of the organization.

In addition to discriminatory behavior, a non-discriminatory environment can be created by providing positive incentives to employees and evaluating their work fairly. There are many ways to relieve stress, some of which are more effective than others. Yoga is beneficial for both body and mind as it keeps both systems healthy. Emotions arise from the mind. Every emotion is the seed of future tensions. Artistic expression and pursuing your hobbies are important, but make sure you get enough sleep too.

Asana tips on how to relieve stress –

Stress is a normal part of a busy life. Many people are looking for ways to relieve stress. Did you know that stress can also be helpful? However, up to a limit. Anxiety and stress can increase people’s chances of depression, mental illness, and even suicide.

Tension is also known as pressure. Most people only see the negative side of things. But the truth is that according to successful people who have done phenomenal things in life, stress is good to some extent. It is necessary to fulfill one’s dream.

Neymar has spoken about how stress can affect a footballer’s performance. Stress motivates me to perform better. Only when I am in the presence of this object can I perform well. The second example is something you are aware of. Virat Kohli is a highly recognized personality, and most people would know who he is. Kohli believes that it is because of the pressure that my game shines. We can get an example by looking at Virat’s performance in many big international competitions.

What are the measures to get rid of stress? –

What is the best way to handle this situation? Is stress necessary for our survival or not? There is some amount of pressure which can be said to be true to some extent. According to psychology, for a person to function well in life, it is necessary to have stress.

However, the truth cannot be denied that the root of the end is the extreme. If the quantity of something exceeds a limit, then its negative consequences start appearing. This is also true for stress. Since there is so much stress in our lives, we tend to have happy endings and worry less.

How to relieve stress –

Stress is helpful in some matters of work, but most of the time too much stress is harmful to the health of a healthy person. There are many ways to reduce stress in your life, including some yoga postures.

Be Enthusiastic –

Keep your enthusiasm high in whatever work you do. If you approach your work with a positive attitude and a desire to do the best possible work, you can be enthusiastic about it. Physical activity is important for a healthy mind and should be set aside for at least an hour a day.

Sleep on time –

Not sleeping till late at night also bothers me throughout the day. A healthy person should sleep at least six hours a night. Getting a good night’s sleep is important for both our physical health and mental health. Sleeping on time is beneficial for both the individual and his/her overall stress level.

Keep track of tasks –

Write a journal to document your thoughts and experiences. Many times people are so busy with work throughout the day that they do not even know. Where is he, exactly? What should he do to make the best decision for himself? And when should he do it? Throughout the day his day passes in a whirlwind of confusion. Which has proved to help reduce stress. Therefore, by writing a diary, information about actual actions and state of mind is obtained.

Avoid blasphemy –

Some people feel that criticizing others is pointless. The barrier doesn’t seem to have any effect on the front. Criticism is considered a bad habit. Often seeing the shortcomings of others, a person forgets to assess his condition. The constant stress of work makes them feel overwhelmed whenever they learn to their level.

Make sure you are kind to your friends. Making friends with nice people can help reduce or eliminate stress. People are often under pressure just because they are in trouble. Have close friends who can help you through any difficult situation.


By Chanchal Sailani | July 16, 2022, | Editor at Gurugrah_Blogs.



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