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Negative impact of internet on youth, advantage of social media and literacy | Gurugrah

Negative effect of internet on youth | Gurugrah

The negative effect of the internet on youth –

The Internet has taken the youth in its lap. The effects are so vivid that they cannot be ignored. Almost everyone we come across nowadays has access to a smartphone with an internet connection in some form or the other. It has made our lives easier, or so it seems.

As everyone knows, the Internet was created to make our lives more comfortable and to have access to vast knowledge at the touch of a finger. However, it has been exploited to such an extent that people are now wondering whether it is more of a curse than a boon. The youth of the country, in particular, are highly influenced by this technological advancement and with good reason.

Virtually everything is available to them in the blink of an eye, be it good or bad. Having said that, it is also true that the youth are more likely to fall prey to the negative influence of the internet, probably because they still have a raw and vulnerable mind.

Here are some of the listed negative effects of the internet that may or may be infecting today’s youth:

Internet addiction –

With the ease of use and availability comes a deadly side effect: addiction. Today’s youth is tech-savvy, which means they are quite adept at using technology for all purposes. Apart from normal and necessary usage, the youth are now facing difficulty in giving up the gadgets connected with the dynamic internet service.

Constantly checking for new messages, frequently refreshing the FB news feed, and playing online games all night are tasks that are not unheard of. Internet is dominating the minds of the youth, who are not able to function at all without it. It is fast becoming an unhealthy habit which needs to be curbed consciously.

Decreased physical activity –

Because of the constant hours spent on the Internet, youth have little time left for other pursuits, especially healthy physical activity. Playing online games has become more demanding than going out to play a proper game. Glued to their laptop/cellphone screens, the young gunmen of the nation are severely limiting their physical activities. It seems as if even doing housework is a burden for them.

The Internet has provided a virtual space to the youth, where they like to spend most of their time by their personal choice. This not only wastes their precious time but also hinders their physical and mental development. Neurological disorders, self-esteem issues, and obesity are some of the issues that can arise from excessive use of technology and restriction in physical activities.

Cyber crimes –

The Internet is not a very safe place. It is prone to a lot of criminal activity and privacy. The Internet is home to a lot of illegal websites and unethical content, which when accessed can be troublesome for the user. This use may be unintentional, but the dangers are the same for all.

The youth today remain vulnerable to a number of fraudulent activities online, which they should be wary of. Furthermore, a thousand types of viruses and other such unwanted entities can attack a person’s gadget, thereby putting their sensitive information at risk. Unethical hacking is quite prevalent these days, and the common man is not equipped to handle such risky situations.

Social media applications use the phone’s location to post online. It’s open to the public, and even if you’re careful about everything, there’s no guarantee that evil creatures can’t track you down. The use of Internet services should be prudent and user sensible.

Psychological block -

One would have expected that exposure to the internet would bring out the best in youth. It is not so on the ground. The virtual establishment of networks and relationships has led to personality issues in many youths. They dread face-to-face interactions and feel more comfortable when interacting through a screen. Trust, confidence and happiness are not found on a virtual page. There is no getting away from the benefits of personal conversation and public speaking. The Internet has had a huge impact on intra-personal and intra-personal relationships. Creative blocks, insomnia and insecurity are the results of excessive use of the Internet.

Everything works best in small doses. The Internet as an entity is not monstrous in nature. Everything depends on how we use this opportunity given to us. Excessive or injudicious use is bound to harm the individual. Be careful in exercising your authority over this revolutionary technology. There’s a lot to lose, but a lot to gain from the Internet. Learn and work

Benefits of social media –

Despite the risks, social media platforms can provide valuable opportunities for children to develop digital literacy skills and build a healthy digital footprint. See what other benefits it offers to help them get the best out of social media.

How social media can support youth -

While social media can present some risks, it’s important to understand what the benefits are in order to give your child the guidance they need to make the best of their social media use. Below is a list of ways in which social media can be a good resource for children and young Internet users.

Collaborative learning –

Comprehensive connection and understanding of the world –

Children can learn and appreciate different perspectives and worldviews to better understand the world around them and build their knowledge on a variety of subjects. With so many ideas shared across multiple platforms, they can discover areas of interest and use the platforms in an educational capacity.

Digital media literacy –

To develop communication and technical skills –

As social media is now part of everyday life, it is important for children and young people to learn how to communicate online to prepare them for future opportunities in the workplace and support them in conversations with friends and family. Using social media platforms can help them develop digital literacy in various fields.

Mental health and well-being –

Removing boundaries to develop connections –

Social media removes the boundaries of meeting and retaining people and creating bonds beyond borders. For children who may have a disability or may not feel that they can connect with others within their community, this can be a great way to connect with others who share their views and interests. Huh.

Strengthen relationships -

Having access to family members who may live miles apart from friends who have moved from a local area can maintain relationships and allow them to stay in touch and easily share their lives.

A place to resort -

This can open up opportunities to provide support to friends and family who may be experiencing a particular issue. On the flip side, for some young people, it can be a place they can seek support if they are going through something they can’t talk to others about.

Campaigning for social good –

Social media can help youth raise awareness of a particular cause they are interested in, and have a real-world impact on effecting change where they want to see it.

Develop a positive digital footprint -

Young people can also use their accounts as bespoke CVs to share their achievements, showcase their talents and create a positive online portfolio to benefit them later in life.

By Chanchal Sailani | December 20, 2022, | Editor at Gurugrah_Blogs.



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