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Internet –

What does the internet mean? –

As technology continues to develop, so many facilities and equipment have become available to humans that things that used to take days to do can be done quickly and easily at home. What?

A big part of technology is playing an important role in our life which we call the Internet. Today, about 4.95 billion people in the world are using the Internet and the number of users of the Internet is increasing day by day. But many people have a curiosity to know more about the Internet. Therefore, through this article, we are going to give you all the information related to the Internet.

What is Internet? –

The Internet is a network of computers that can be connected no matter where they are located. The full name of the Internet is Interconnected Network, which means a network that connects one computer to another.

The Internet uses a type of standard Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Each computer has a unique IP address so that it can be identified on the Internet. Just as every house has a unique address, the same is true for computers.

Many people get caught up in the fact that the web and the internets are the same things. But it’s not like that. The Internet is a global communication system that links various computers together. The web is a service used for exchanging information through the Internet.

Simply put, a computer is a network through which we can transfer data from one computer to another. The Internet is a great way to perform many of our daily tasks. For example, we may send emails, chat and video conference, and make purchases online.

History of the Internet –

Many people believe that the history of the Internet is very old, but it is not so. The Internet has only been around for a few decades. The Internet was invented in the early 1960s. The invention of the Internet was driven by America’s need for quick access to information.

At the height of the Cold War in 1960, the United States needed a quick exchange of information. To meet this need, many people contributed and developed the Internet.

When America was facing this challenge, Leonard Kleinrock shared plans for a technology that could link multiple computers together and share information. He worked with MIT on this plan. John Constantine is a scientist who has made significant contributions to the field of physics. Licklider and Robert Taylor were pioneers in computer technology.

In 1965, a scientist created a piece of the Internet that allows data to be sent from one computer to another by splitting it into smaller pieces. This is an advantage because the data can be read quickly, without having to wait for it to be fully loaded.

This technology was first used by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPANET) of the US Department of Defense. It was given this name because of its use on the ARPANET network. The first message sent over ARPANET was labeled “LOGIN” in 1969. However, at that time only the first two letters of LO could be obtained.

By the end of 1969, only four computers could be connected to it. But after the 1970s, there was a speed in the connection of computers and gradually many computers started joining together. With the increase in the number of computers, many difficulties also came into it but they were solved from time to time. Similarly today many people in the world are enjoying the internet without any problem.

Uses of the Internet –

As the Internet became widespread, so did its use. The Internet is an important part of our life, which helps us to perform our daily tasks. The Internet is a useful tool for exchanging information in many different fields.

For studies:- Earlier we had to go far to learn. Today we can learn and teach children sitting at home by using the internet. We have learned the importance of the internet in the time of Corona.

Shopping can be done sitting at home:- With time the trend of online shopping is increasing very fast and people are fast shopping online from their homes, due to which they are getting the things they want quickly and easily. . Today millions of sales are being done through the Internet every day.

Entertainment:- Entertainment is an important part of the Internet today. With the internet, we can listen to songs, watch movies and even play online games. Online entertainment has become a common practice these days.

Banking:- The development of internet banking was designed to help people avoid long lines at the bank. We enjoy the convenience of online banking, which allows us to avoid the hassle of line-waiting at the bank and saves us time.

For advertising:- The speed with which internet users are increasing, the number of advertisements on the internet is increasing at the same rate. On the Internet, we can promote our business and influence people to buy our products.

Payment:- Apart from online banking, we can also make payments through the internet. The practice of transferring money between bank accounts is becoming common these days. Apart from these, we can pay our electricity bill, recharge our online account, book gas cylinder, or do anything related to our day-to-day needs. According to the internet, the average person spends around two hours online per day.

Making new friends:- There are many websites on the internet where we can find new friends and chat with them. We can also see his face while talking to him by making a video call.

There are countless other uses of the Internet that we use in our everyday lives. The uses of this integral part of our lives are known to us over time.

Benefits of the Internet –

Today many people can benefit from the help of the internet and with every discovery, the benefits of the internet are increasing. Below we will talk about some of the advantages of the Internet.

• From the internet we can apply for necessary government and non-government documents. If we don’t have the original paperwork we can get those documents as well. Applications for school and college admissions, fees, and scholarships are being made these days exclusively through the Internet.

• We can relax and entertain ourselves by listening to songs, watching movies, and playing games. We can do simple tasks like paying our electricity and water bills or recharging our phones and other devices. I am sitting on the internet at home.

• We can increase our knowledge by reading books, reading articles, watching videos, and engaging in other learning methods. We went out and looked for work, but today we applied online, and then the company contacted us to offer us a job.

• We can also earn money from the Internet by writing a blog, creating our website, and through Affiliate Marketing. With social media websites, we can connect with the person sitting in any corner of the world and can also make new friends.

• many such maps on the Internet show where we are currently and how long it will take to get to another place.

Disadvantages of the Internet –

In addition to what has advantages, there are also disadvantages. The Internet has many drawbacks, which we will discuss below.

• Even though the internet has become a vital necessity in today’s society, we have to pay service providers to use it. Since people who need the internet but are short of money cannot afford it, the internet is not available for them. As more entertainment options become available on the internet, some things which are not necessary or Helpers that are not available, are becoming available, due to which many people are spending too much time online.

• There is a problem with pornography being freely available on the Internet. More and more teenagers and youth are getting involved in this, which is dangerous for us and our children’s future. Some people are selling illegal goods online, which is against the rules.

• many people take an OTP from you and loot your money within a few seconds. The Internet is not a safe place for people with mental health problems. Some big websites claim to take full care of your privacy, but sometimes they are caught doing something that makes people worried.

• Some people abuse their skills to send viruses to our computers, and then demand money to remove them. Even though we pay for the Internet, we still get to see ads on the Internet that we do not want to see. This makes us angry.

• When we spend hours online, we currently believe there is no harm in it, but over time we can put ourselves at risk of developing loneliness and depression.

There are many other reasons why using the Internet can be a disadvantage, which cannot be fully explained in this short article. But governments should take concrete steps and implement meaningful rules to prevent this from happening. Also, we should use the internet carefully.


By Chanchal Sailani | July 16, 2022, | Editor at Gurugrah_Blogs.



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