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"My name is Edla Willmansson," said the young girl. �My father came home and said that you wanted to sleep here in the forge tonight, and then I asked permission to come and bring you home to us.
I am so sorry, Captain, that you are having such a hard time.�

She looked at him compassionately, with her heavy eyes, and then she noticed that the man was afraid. �Either he has stolen something or else he has escaped from, jail�, she thought, and added quickly,
�You may be sure, Captain, that you will be allowed to leave us just as freely as you came. Only please stay with us over Christmas Eve.
� She said this in such a friendly manner that the rattrap peddler must have felt confidence in her.
1. What was the name of the young girl? 2. How did she look at him? What did she notice? 3. What did she think about the man? 4. What did the rattrap peddler feel about the young girl in the end? 5. Find the word from the passage which means 'sympathetically'. 6. Find the word from the passage which is opposite to �distrus?.
1. The name of the young girl was Edla Willmansson. 2. She looked at him compassionately and noticed that the man was afraid. 3. She thought that either the man had stolen something or else he had escaped from jail. 4. The rattrap peddler felt confidence in the young girl. 5. compassionately. 6. confidence.
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