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What is Hydroponics? What is its importance.
A famous German botanist, Julius von Sachs (1860) demonstrated first that plants could be grown to mature in a nutrient solution instead of soil. The term ?Hydroponics? was first of all coined by William F. Gericke of California University in 1920. Hydroponics is a Greek word which literally means, ?working with water?. Therefore, all those methods of growing plants in them some other medium are used instead of soil are called hydroponics. It is also called water culture e.g., tank farming, soil less culture, test tube farming etc. Several methods have been used to determine the essentiality of an element, from time to time. Besides, the study of various symptoms produced due to the deficiency of a particular mineral element in plants, the effect of excess of a particular element and interaction of the particular element with other element etc., is made by these methods. Hydroponics includes two main methods: ? Solution Culture ? Sand Culture
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