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Compare in any three ways the chromosomal theory of inheritance as proposed by sutton and Bovery with that of experimental results on pea plant presented by Mendel.

On the basis of these points, Sutton and Boveri in 1902, proposed Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance independently. The salient features of this theory are as follows :

  1. All the somatic cells of an organism are diploid which develop from diploid zygote.
  2. Each diploid somatic cell has two sets of chromosomes. Out of which one set of chromosomes is received from mother through ovum and the other set from father through sperm.
  3. The two chromosomes of one type constitute the homologous chromosome pair.
  4. Each chromosome bears specific determiners or Mendelian factors called genes. These play an important role in the development of an organism from the zygote. Genes are situated in the chromosome in a linear order.
  5. The chromosomes retain their structural peculiarity, individuality and continuity throughout the life of an organism.
  6. The behaviour of chromosomes during anaphase of meiosis - I, at the time of gametogenesis, provides evidence that genes are situated in the chromosomes. This also explains the mechanism of segregation and independent assortment of traits at the time of gametogenesis.
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