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How bioreactor molecule function in our body.
What are bioactive proteins name any bioactive molecule produce by trichoder polysporum and monecious purpureus.



Bioreactor molecules are bioactive molecules modified by genetic engineering. They used for the treatment of several disease some of important bioactive molecules and this roles are:

  1. Cyclosporin A: Cyclosporin A is a bioactive molecule produced by fungus trichodema polysporum in our body. It suppress the immune system when any organ and tissue (foreign) transplant to the body so they can be successfully transplanted.
  2. Monascus Purpureus is a yeast is used to lowering the blood cholesterol level. Product produced from it is called statins.
  3. Streptokinase: It is produced by the bacterium streptococcus, it is genetically modified bioactive molecule which is used to remove clots from blood vessels and lower the chance of heart attack.
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