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Write down strategies related to reproductive health.

The various strategies of reproductive health in human beings are as follows:
1. General Awareness about Reproduction: With the help of audio - visual aids, print media (e.g., newspaper and Magazine) and primary health centres, both government and non - government agencies are engaged in creating awareness among people about various aspects of reproduction. Parents, other close relatives. friends, teachers can play important role in dissemination of 8uch information. 

2. Sex Education: Appropriate sex education in schools can help in removing myths and misconceptions about sex related aspects. It should also provide education about various sex - related problems, reproductive organs, changes during adolescence, harm of early sex and hygienic sex practices.

3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s): Awareness programmes about sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, Gonorrhoea, Gential herpes etc., would help people, especially adolescents, to lead a reproductively healthy life.

4. FanillyPlanrdng : Through audio, video and other media, the young people should be provided knowledge about benefits of a small family. The family planning centres can play an important role in maintaining reproductive health.

5. Birth Control Devices and Care of Mother and Child: Couples in the reproductive age and youth in marriageable age group should be communicated about available birth control devices, care of pregnant mothers, postnatal care of the mother and child, importance of breast feeding etc.

6. Information about Reproduction Related Problems: Effective action plans to attain reproductive health require better infrastructural facilities, professional experts advise and material support. These are required to solve problems of infertility, pregnancy, contraception, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases.

7. Pregnancy : Premarital sexual intercourse without using any contraceptive measure is on the increase among adolescence. This rešults in unwanted pregnancy. Unmarried pragnent girls face humiliation, disrespect and suffer from loss of self - esteem. They give up their studies or their career. They visit illegal abortion clinics and risk their life. The adolescence require to be well informed about abstinence from unprotected intercourse, use of contraceptives and family planning.

8. Bon on Foetal Sex Determination: Amniocentesis is a foetal sex determination and disorder diagnostic test based on the chromosomal pattern in the amniotic fluid surrounding the developing embryo. Amniotic fluid contains cells from the skin of the foetus and other sources. These cells can be used to determine the sex of infant, to identify some abnormalities in the number of chromosomes and to detect certain biochemical and enzymatic defects.

It is established that the foetus is likely to suffer form a serious incurable congenital defect, the mother should get the foetus aborted. But now a days amniocentesis is being misused. It is being used to kill the normal female foetus. It is legally 
banned the determination of sex to avoid female foeticide.

9. Populalon Explosion: Awareneiw require to be created about  problems due to uncontrolled population growth. social evils like sex - abuse and sex - related crimes enabling people to take up necessary steps to check them.

10. Knowledge of Social Evils relaeed to Sex: Awareness about harmful social, physiological and behavioral effects of sex - abuses and sex - related crimes and drugs, alcohol and tobacco etc., is also needed.

11. Marriageable Age: Early marriage have been legally banned in India. The minimum marriageable age for girls and boys is 18 years and
21 years respectively.

12. Research: Researches in reproductive health area should be encouraged and supported to find out new method. ‘Saheli’ a new oral contraceptive for the flrnales was developed by scientists at Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) in Lucknow, India.

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