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What is ‘predation’? Explain with the help of suitable examples why- is it required in a community with rich biodiversity.
Predation is usually referred to as a detcimental association. State any three positive roles that a predator plays in an ecosystem.



Predation is an interspecific interaction, where an animals, called predator, kills and consumes the other weaker animal called prey. Predation is natures way of transferring the energy fixed by plants to higher trophic level, e.g., a tiger (predator) eating a deer (prey), a sparrow (predator) eating fruit or seed (prey) etc. Requirement of Predators:

  1. Predators keep prey population under control. This is called biological control.
  2. Predators also help in maintaining species diversity in community by reducing the intensity of competition among prey species.
  3. Acts as ‘conduits’ for energy transfer across trophic level.
  4. Predators play other important roles, i.e., in the absence of predator species, prey species could achieve very high population densities and cause ecosystem5instability, i.e., the biological control of pests affected by predation.
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