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Why did Edla still entertain the peddler even after she knew the truth about him?
When Edla's father came to know that the man whom he mistook for an aquaintance was someone else, he ordered the peddler to leave his house at once. But his daughter Edla was a kind hearted girl. She wanted to entertain the poor hungry peddler over the Christmas he spoke kindly to the Eve. She could not get away from this idea all at once. She thought about this stranger. She told her father that the peddler walked the whole year long and there was probably not a single place in the whole country where he was welcomed and could feel at home. She also told him that he was chased away wherever he went. He was always afraid of being arrested and cross examined. She wanted the peddler to enjoy at least a day of peace with them. That is why, even after knowing the truth about him, she entertained him.
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