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A childless couple has agreed for a test tube baby programme. List only the basic steps the procedure would envolve to conceive the baby.
(i) Give any two reasons for infertility among young couple.
(ii) Test tube baby programme is a boon to such couples. Explain the steps followed in the procedure.

(i) The reasons of infertility in young couples can be physical, congenital disease, use of drugs, immunological or even psychological factors.

(ii) In test tube baby programme:

  • Ova from wife or donor female and sperms from husband or donor male are taken.
  • Sperm and ovum are allow to fuse under simulated condition in the laboratory. (called in vitro fertilization).
  • Zygote or embryo up to 8 - celled stage is transferred into fallopian tube (called ZIFT).
  • Embry with more than 8 - celled stage is transferred into uterus (called IUT).
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