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What is twins? Give the types of twins.

Normally, a women gives birth to one baby at a time. But sometimes two or more babies also born from a mother. Such babies are called twins or multiple birth.
There are three types of twins :

1. Fraternal Twins: At a time, two eggs, one from each ovary, may be released simultaneously. And if both are fertilized, each by a separate sperm, each formed zygote develops into a yaung one. Such babies are genetically different because each receives gene from a separate egg and a separate sperm. They may be of the same or different sexes. They are known as non-identical or fraternal twins. They are more appropriately called dizygotic twins.

2. Identical Twins: If a single early zygote divides before their fate is fixed, each can develop into a complete young one. Both of the foetus formed in this manner have the same genetic make up as they have the genes of the same ovum and same sperm. They are always of the same sex, have identical characters and are almost indistinguishable. They are now more appropriately known monozygotic twins.

3. Siamese Twins: Partial separation of the two blastomers formed by zygotis first cleavage produces Siamese or conjoined twins, i.e., twins joined together at certain places.

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