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Describe the dihybrid cross experiment performed by Mendel. Explain the law postulated by this experiment.

Mendel conducted experiments to study the segregation and transmission of two pairs of contrasting characters at a time. This is called dihybrid cross. He studied the inheritance of round and wrinkled character of seed along with the yellow and green colours of seed coat. Mendel found that a cross between round yellow and wrinkled green seeds (P1) produced only round and yellow seeded plants in F1 generation, but in F2 generation, plants having four type of genotypes were observed. Two of these phenotypes were similar to the parental combinations, while the other two were new combinations.

  1. Yellow and round seeded - 9 Parental combinations
  2. Green and round seeded - 3 new combinations
  3. Yellow and wrinkled seeded - 3 new combinations
  4. Green and wrinkled seeded  - 1 Parental combination

Thus the offspring of F2 generation were produced in the ratio of 9 : 3 : 3 : 1. This ratio is called dihybrid ratio.

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