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Explain the events in a normal woman during the menstrual cycle on the following days :
(i) Ovarion events from 13-15 days.
(ii) Ovarion hormones level from 16-23 days.
(iii) Uterine events from 24-29 days.

(i) In the ovarian events from 13-15 days, on immature ovum is released from the Graafian follicle. Both LH and FSH attains maximum peak. FSH helps Graafian follicle to attain maturity and LH helps in its rupture. Ovum covered by a number of layers and a yellow fat layer forms corpus luteum. It releases progesterone.


(ii) During mentrual cycle, the period level from 16-23 days is known as luteal phase or secretory phase. The corpus luteum releases large amount of progesterone, which is essential for the maintenance of endometrium.


(iii) Uterine events from 24-29 days are under the influence of progesterone hormone. If influence the maintenance of the endometrium for any pregnancy to occur. In the absence of pregnancy, the corpus lecteum degenerates and endometrium sheds off. It causes the menstrual flow or bleeding.

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