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How is the MOET programme carried out for herd improvement? Explain.



Multiple Ovulation - Embryo Transfer Technology (MOET): To overcome the low success rate of natural cross breeding practices, a number of new procedures have been developed to improve the chances of successful production of hybrids. MOET is most important of such producers. MOET involves following steps: 

A cow with disirable characters is administrated with FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone). It induces follicular maturation'and superovulation. A number of follicles undergo maturation producing 6 - 8 eggs. As the eggs are mature i.e., ready for fertilization, the female is inseminated with the selected male either naturally or by its semen. The fertilized eggs of 8 - 32 cells stage are recovered non - surgically and transferred to surrogate mothers. The genetic mother is again induced by harmone for further superovulation. This technology is being used to improve breeds of cows, buffaloes, horses, mares, sheeps, rabbits etc. High milk yielding breeds of females and high quality (lean meat with less fat) meat - yielding bull have been obtained with success to increase hard size in a short time by MOET.

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