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The events in this part of the text illustrate Gandhi's method of working. Can you identify some instances of this method and link them to his ideas of Satyagraha and non-violence ?
Gandhiji arrived in Champaran and visited the concerned parties. He was asked to leave the place but he didn't. Accompanied by several lawyers, he went to Motihari. A peasant had been maltreated in a nearby village. Gandhiji decided to go and see. He was served a notice to leave Champaran immediately. He wrote on the receipt that he would disobey the order. As a result, he was asked to appear in the court the next day. He went to appear in the court but a great crowd of his supporters also gathered there. Gandhiji helped the authorities in maintaining law and order. Gandhiji asked them to punish him as he had disobeyed Government order and told the authorities that he had done so for a greater cause. These are the instances that show that he had great faith in Satyagraha and non-violence.
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