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Recombinant DNA technology is of great importance in the field of medicine, with the help of a flow chart, show now this technology has been used in preparing genetically engineered human insulins.
How Eli Lilly, an american company produced insulin by recombinant DNA technology?



To control the infection of meloidogyne incognita a novel strategy has been used which is RNAi.

  1. Firstly we isolate those genes from nematode which are important for the survival and introduce into Agrobacterium vector to form rDNA.
  2. This rDNA how infected to the plant cell, where it produce both sense and anti - sense RNA in plant cell.
  3. We ensurely take only those gene from M. incognita that have ability to form dsRNA.
  4. dsRNA formed in plant cell, cut by dicer enzyme into small dsRNA, having RNAi specific sequence.
  5. When nematode eat such cells, these RNAi silenced the mRNA of nematode and stop protein translation.
  6. Without protein or enzyme nematode get dies.
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