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Write down evidences in support of Darwinism and criticism of Darwinism.



Criticism of Darwinism: Darwinism is not able to explain:

  1. The inheritance of small variation in those organs which can be of use only when fully formed, e.g. wings of bird. Such organs will be of no use in incipient or underdeveloped stage.
  2. Inheritance of vestigial organs.
  3. Inheritance of over - specialised organs e.g. antlers in deer and tusk in elephants.
  4. Did not differentiable between somatic and germinal variations.
  5. Presence of neuter flowers and sterility of hybrids.
  6. He did not explain the causes of the variations and the mode of transmission of variations.
  7. It was also rebutted by Mendel’s law of inheritance which state that inheritance is particulate.
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