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The author has used gentle humour to point out human foibles. Pick out instances of this to show how this serves to make the piece interesting.
Humour used in writing makes any writing interesting. The writer has used humour to point out human foibles from beginning to the end. The description of Robert Clive not only induces laughter but also points to his fickle mindedness. The studios is said to be situated in Robert Clive's stables. It has the look of a hair-cutting salon-Fiery misery in the studio shows how indifferent to the plight of actors were the producers and directors. The make-up department was headed by a Bengali who became too big for a studio and left. The above sentence humorously describes how a man became proud of his high position. The Stephen Spender'episode shows how people conceal their ignorance. The description throughout the lesson is humorous and in lighter vein.
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